The Green Confidential

Welcome to The Green Confidential!

Welcome to The Green Confidential!

Hey you! Thanks for finding us in internet-land. I’m Kris, a Seattle-based Flight Attendant and I am pretty new to living a plant-based lifestyle. My fiancé, Boë, is a techie, Yoga-practicing Vegan.

I created this blog, The Green Confidential, as a place to share my transition to eating a plant-based diet and to share tips and recipes with other people who are either just starting out or are already somewhere down the road of this lifestyle.  

I have been wanting to learn to cook and eat better for years but I didn’t know where to start. I got hired as a Flight Attendant about three years ago and it was such a crazy new life that I was lucky if I remembered to pack an energy bar in my bag. I relied on restaurants and Starbucks to fuel me, rather than food prepping and cooking.

I moved from California to Seattle, switched jobs and moved three times in the last three years. I would go grocery shopping, stock my fridge, then leave for 10 days and have to throw out half of my food when I returned. In terms of food and meal planning, I sucked for the most part.

I was a vegetarian from about 10-years-old until I was in college and never really liked red meat. When I met Boë, I had already switched to almond milk from dairy milk and to Earth Balance spread from butter. But he helped motivate me to go deeper. If we were going to be healthy for a long time and enjoy meals together, they needed to taste good and they needed to be plant-based so we could both eat them.

I started scouring Instagram for plant-based Instagram accounts and buying Vegan and plant-based cookbooks. We stocked our kitchen with bulk foods and a lot of basic items to get started. And I started experimenting. I am still experimenting. This blog is a place for me to throw shit up against a wall and see what sticks.

Hopefully this is a place where other people can share their dreams, screw ups, recipe successes and failures and just keep on cookin’…

xo Kris

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