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Seattle: Cafe Flora

Seattle: Cafe Flora

Cafe Flora

Cafe Flora is a vegan and vegetarian dreamland in Seattle’s Madison neighborhood. The whimsical restaurant feels like one huge greenhouse with a large glass ceiling and windows. There is lush greenery inside with plants, bushes and a water fountain in the middle of the main dining area. In 2018, “Seattle Magazine” named Cafe Flora Seattle’s “Best Vegetarian and Best Gluten Free Place to Dine.” I visit Cafe Flora every couple of months. Read on for my tips on when to go and what to order.

The Cuisine

Cafe Flora describes their menu as “Creative Vegetarian Cuisine” and they’re not kidding. I had the Portobello Wellington, a nod to its beefier cousin, and it was divine. It is served with grilled Portobello mushrooms, mushroom pecan paté and leeks in a puff pastry with mashed potatoes, madeira wine sauce and seasonal vegetables on the side. While eating this dish on a rainy day, you’ll feel like you are in the English Countryside–allowing you to channel your inner Meghan Markle. Oddly enough, I think if the Duchess of Sussex lived in Seattle, she would eat at Cafe Flora.

Portobello Wellington at Cafe Flora.


Brunch is insanely good. The lines can be frustratingly long so bring your patience or arrive first thing in the morning to avoid the sleepy masses. We often sit at the bar when there are seats available to avoid the wait list. The waffles are otherworldly. Try the cornmeal waffle with rhubarb compote, homemade ginger mascarpone, toasted almonds and candied ginger (vegan and gluten free). If that’s not available, there is always an interesting choice of pancakes or waffles.


Cafe Flora’s drink game is strong. The coffee bar offers certified organic free trade Stumptown beans and a full range of espresso drinks and drip coffee. There is soy, rice and almond milk available. There is green, black and herbal tea available as well as in house ginger brew. There is juice, two types of lemonade and cider.

On the alcohol side, there is white wine, red wine, beer, bubbles and rose.

Non-alcoholic bevvie.
Non-alcoholic seasonal fizz.


Cafe Flora is child-friendly. There is a designated area for kids to play and draw. There are Kid’s breakfast, lunch and dinner menu items. The kid’s menu offers up sophisticated dishes like eggs or seasoned tofu, almond butter and jelly sandwiches, black bean burgers with yam fries and sophisticated dishes for a kid’s menu like Grilled Tofu with Tahini, Brown Rice and Broccoli.


  • If it’s crowded grab a place at the bar.
  • Arrive first thing in the morning on brunch days.
  • There is free street parking around Café Flora if the tiny lot in back is full.
  • If you are flying out of Sea-Tac, go 20 minutes early and stop at Floret by Cafe Flora. Bring food onto the plane. You won’t regret it when everyone else is eating crackers and boxed food.
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